Eyoyo EY-6900D 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner with Charging Base USB - Ασύρματος Αναγνώστης Barcode με Βάση Στήριξης και Φόρτισης

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Eyoyo EY-6900D 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner with Charging Base USB
Ασύρματος Αναγνώστης Barcode Laser με Βάση Στήριξης και Φόρτισης

Ασύρματος σαρωτής γραμμωτού κώδικα (barcode scanner) με βάση στήριξης και φόρτισης για ανάγνωση κωδικών 1D. Χρησιμοποιείται ευρέως σε εμπορικά συστήματα POS, σούπερ μάρκετ, αποθήκες, βιβλιοθήκες, τράπεζες, ταχυδρομικές υπηρεσίες, διαχείριση βιομηχανικών και κατασκευαστικών διαδικασιών κ.λπ.

Eyoyo Handheld 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB Cradle Charging Base & Button Control.
Equipped plug and play, super compatibility, long transmission range, one-click easy set, and strong decoding ability, etc.
A good choice for businesses, shops, and warehouse, etc operations.

One-click button setting of the cradle:
①. Pairing setting
②. Upload the memory data
③. Channel selection
④. Normal mode and Store mode setting
⑤. Data clearing

2 Pairing Modes:
①. One Scanner to One Cradle: One scanner only transmits barcode to one USB cradle.
②. One Scanner to Multiple Cradle: One scanner transmit barcode to multiple USB cradle at the same time. One scanner support up to 100 cradles.

2 Charging Ways:
①. Put the scanner on the base via USB cable to charge.
②. Use the type-c port to charging for scanner.

3-in-1 Multi-functional Cradle:
①. Receive Barcode Data: Via advanced radio frequency wireless technology connection with your device to receive barcode data
②. Battery Charge: When you need charge to put the scanner to the base for charging.
③. Wall or Desk Mounted: As a base to place scanner, and with wall mount hole to place on the wall.

1. Plug and play, no need extra drivers, app and software install.
2. Easily work with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Linux, Mac OS
3. max support 150m/492ft under obstacles environment.
4. Scan most of 1D code.
5. Support multiple customized configuration options.

Package Including:
1x Eyoyo scanner
1x Base
1x USB cable
1x Type-c cable


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