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AUTOOL SDT103 Smoke Generator - Γεννήτρια Καπνού για Ανιχνευση Διαρροής σε Αυτοκινήτα για Σύστημα EVAP

Autool, SDT103, Κίτρινο
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AUTOOL SDT103 Smoke Generator

Γεννήτρια Καπνού για Ανιχνευση Διαρροής σε Αυτοκινήτα για Σύστημα EVAP

Ο AUTOOL SDT103 είναι ένα επαγγελματικό εργαλείο αυτόματης ανίχνευσης διαρροών σωληνώσεων που λειτουργεί χωρίς αντλία αέρα. Θα μας βοηθήσει να εντοπίσουμε τη διαρροή στο σύστημα σωληνώσεων σε αυτοκίνητα και μοτοσικλέτες γρήγορα και με ακρίβεια όπως:

■ Δοκιμή συστήματος εισαγωγής
■ Δοκιμή συστημάτων εξάτμισης
■ Δοκιμή στεγανοποίησης αυτοκινήτου
■ Δοκιμή συστήματος δεξαμενής καυσίμου κ.λπ.

Το μοντέλο SDT101 δεν έχει συμπιεστή αέρα ή αντλία αέρα μέσα. Εάν θέλετε να αγοράσετε έναν ανιχνευτή διαρροών με αντλία αέρα, συνιστάται να αγοράσετε το SDT106.

1.【Wide range of applications】For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks and speedboats boats.Works on all car makes and models.
2.【Powerful and easy to operate】The AUTOOL SDT 101 need rely on other air machine ,Connect the detector with DC12V battery,It can be outputs lots of Smoke within 30 seconds after turning on.Equipped with AUTOOL's latest smoke generator and 1/2PSI high pressure unit, which ensures continuous output of a large amount of smoke. The dense smoke output detects even the smallest leaks and helps you diagnose faults quickly and accurately. Significantly improves the efficiency of diagnosis.
3.【Advanced technology】 It works on the EVAP system (we also have another version that specially designed for EVAP system).
4.【Overheat & Anti-frost protection】The detector has smart protector. If it exceeds working limit,for e.g over 75℃. It will power off automatically.

1. Fill 10ml baby oil to the detector for the first time. Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.
2. Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector.
3. Connect detector with DC12V battery, turn on the power switch, and the detector starts to work.
4. In about 30 seconds, the pipe will be filled with smoke. Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.

You Need to Pay Attention:
1、The SDT101 has no air compressor or air pump inside.If you want to buy a leak detector with air pump, it is recommended to buy SDT106.
2、The product does not contain liquid, because the transportation of liquid products is prohibited on flights. You need to buy a test liquid locally, the test liquid is olive oil or baby oil.
3.When you use this AUTOOL SDT 101 Car Smoke Leak Detector for the first time, fill with 10ml oil . Please be careful NOT to beyond this range.
4.The testing liquid : both liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK.
5.Fresh oil can be filled with only when the smoke gets thin, and it can’t be filled over 20ml each time.
6.Before filling fresh oil, please pour out the left oil in the detector & replace the detector oil regularly.
7.During the process of leak detection, please keep away from smoke-sensitive parts.
8.Do NOT run the detector over 8 minutes continuously. It needs interval rest.
9.The detector has an intelligent protector, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 75 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power. In this case, please operate it later.
10.The round part of this detector has temperature, please be careful to avoid burns.
11.If the test pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle, please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.

1pc * AUTOOL SDT101 Car Smoke Leak Detector Main Unit
1pc * EVAP Special Connector
1pc * Standard Cone Adapter
1pc * Power Cord Clamp
1pc * Valve Core Wrench
1pc * Test Oil Refill Bottle(oil not included)
1pc * Smoke Hose
1pc * User Manual (English)


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