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FNIRSI 1014D Pro Ψηφιακός Παλμογράφος 2-in-1 με 2 Αναλογικά Κανάλια, Οθόνη LCD 7" και Αισθητήρα P4100 - Digital Oscilloscope Input Signal Generator 2*100MHz Analog Channel

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FFNIRSI 1014D Pro Ψηφιακός Παλμογράφος 2-in-1 με 2 Αναλογικά Κανάλια & Οθόνη LCD 7"

Digital Oscilloscope Input Signal Generator 2*100MHz Analog Channel


FNIRSI-1014D is a two in one oscilloscope and signal generator launched by FNIRSI. It has comprehensive functions and high practicability. It is a cost-effective dual channel desktop oscilloscope for the maintenance industry and R & D industry. The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa / s and 100MHz* 2 analog bandwidth; complete trigger function (single time / normal / automatic), both for periodic analog signal and aperiodic digital signal can be used freely; built in DDS function signal generator and the industry's original chopping output (@ 2.5vpp), all signal frequency step is 1Hz, support 14 kinds of standard function signal and a customizable chopping signal, chopping The output device intercepts part or the whole part of the complex signals measured by the oscilloscope as the output signal of the signal generator, which can store up to 1000 customized cut-off signals; the built-in high-voltage protection module can tolerate up to 400V continuous voltage, without worrying about the oscilloscope burning accident caused by the probe not moving to 10x gear. Large time base scrolling mode, which can monitor slow level changes; equipped with efficient one button auto, which can display the measured waveform without tedious adjustment; display high-definition LCD with 7-inch 800 * 480 resolution; cursor measurement function, when manually reading amplitude and frequency parameters, it does not need to read the background scale unit and quantity, and it does not need to convert to directly get peak to peak and frequency Extremely convenient screen capture and waveform storage function, built-in 1GB storage space, can store up to 1000 screen capture pictures + 1000 groups of waveform data, the storage process is simple and fast, save the current waveform with only one click, no cumbersome prompts and choices to save the current data, very convenient; powerful waveform image manager, support thumbnail browsing, view, view details The functions of page turning, deleting and waveform enlarging, reducing and moving are convenient for secondary analysis. The fuselage is equipped with USB interface, which can be connected with the computer to realize the sharing of its own screen capture pictures and the computer, which is convenient for secondary analysis; Li Shayu's graphic display function can be used to compare and judge the amplitude, frequency and phase of two groups of signals; FFT viewing function can estimate the harmonic component of signals; Li Shayu's graphic display function can be used to compare and judge the amplitude, frequency and phase of two groups of signals

Built in DDS signal generator, support 12 kinds of function signal.
Capture output signal function, which can store up to 1000 capture signals.
Targeted high intelligent decoding algorithm, the encoderlifeis infinite, and intelligent anti-burn function, 1X Can withstand up to 400V withstand voltage.
With 100MHz * 2 ana-log bandwidth and @ 1GSa/s sampling rate(1X = 5MHz, 10X = 100MHz).
Fully fit 7 inch 800 * 480 resolution color TFT LCD display with bright colors and high contrast.
High measurement voltage range: 1X can measure 0~40 V, 10X can measure 0~400V.
Up to 12 parameters measurement:VPP,VP,Vmax,Vmin,Vavg,Vrms,Frequent,Duty+,Duty-,Time+,Time-,Period.
Cursor measurement function: it is convenient to manually measure the period and frequency and voltage.
Complete triggering function (single, normal, automatic), and at any time, the waveform display (pause function) is frozen.
Equipped with high efficiency One-button AUTO, and one-button waveform storage and screenshot function.
Built-in 1GB storage space, can store up to 1000 screenshots + 1000 sets of waveform data.
Powerful waveform picture manager supports thumbnail browsing, viewing, detailed viewing, page turning, deletion and waveform zooming in, zooming out, moving, etc.
Equipped with a USB interface, which can be connected to a com-puter to share its screenshots with the com-puter, which is convenient for secondary analysis.
Lissajous figures graphic display function can be used to determine the amplitude, frequency, and phase contrast of two groups of signals.
FFT display function, can analyze the spectral characteristics of the signal, memory compression technology, waveform refresh screen does not flicker.
With the screen brightness adjustment function and background gr-id brightness adjustment function, also easy to carry.

Material: ABS
Ana-log band width: 100MHz * 2
Number of channels: 2 channels
Maximum real time sampling rate: 1GSa/s
Vertical sensitivity: 50 mV/div ~ 500 V/div
Horizontal time base range: 50S/div ~ 10nS/div
Maximum test voltage: 40 V (1X probe), 400 V (10X probe)
Storage depth: 240Kbit
Input resistance: 1MΩ
ADC precision: 8bits
Coupling mode: AC/DC
Trigger mode: Single, Normal, Auto
Trigger edge: Rising edge/Falling edge
External trigger voltage 0~40 V
Extension ports: USB picture export
Package size: 340 * 140 * 70mm / 13.4 * 5.5 * 2.8in
Package weight: 1500g / 3.3lb

Packing list:
1 * FNIRSI-1014D Oscilloscope Host
2 * Matching 100MHz Probe (1X and 10X)
1 * Clip
1 * 5V2A Power Adapter
1 * USB Data Line
1 * English User Manual


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