Habotest HT107D Digital Display Socket Tester - Τέστερ πρίζας - καλωδίων

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Habotest HT107D Digital Display Socket Tester

Tester πρίζας - καλωδίων ρεύματος

Το Advanced Socket Tester HABOTEST μπορεί να σας βοηθήσει να ελέγξετε την καλωδίωση του σπιτιού σας και την πολικότητα σύνδεσης της πρίζας, μπορεί επίσης να χρησιμοποιηθεί για να ελέγξει την ύπαρξη διαρροής. Είναι ένας επαγγελματικός ελεγκτής πρίζας που ανιχνεύει γρήγορα εάν η σύνδεση του καλωδίου της πρίζας είναι σωστή ή όχι. Με τη λειτουργία δοκιμής RCD/GFCI, είναι πιο πρακτικό και ασφαλές.

PORTABLE ELECTRIC SOCKET TESTER --- Advanced socket tester for rapidly detecting whether the socket's wire connection is correct or not. Compact size, light weight and convenient to use. With voltage backlight LCD display for testing voltage.
PLUG & PLAY --- Designed with RCD/GFCI Test Button, One Click to know the working state of the leakage protector. Perfect for protect your security against the risk of electric shock.
BRIGHT LED DISPLAY --- Light patterns are well labeled on the back of the device itself. The Red LED indicators can be light up clearly even in strong sunlight also be used in the dark, making you read it fast.
6 LED LIGHT PATTERNS --- With 6 easy to read indicators to indicate the state of the socket, easy to judge: Correct, Open Ground, Open Neutral, Live/Neutral Reverse, Live/Ground Reverse, Live/Ground Reverse, Missing Ground.
WIDE APPLICATION - Widely used for electric maintenance testing, office sockets testing, power strips testing and wall sockets testing in school, laboratory, factory and other social field. Home improvement acceptance and safety inspection,It saves you lots of time in testing problems with sockets.

Brand Name: HABOTEST
Color: Black
Model: HT107B(US)/HT107D(EU)/HT107E(UK) (Optional)
Material: Flame Retardant ABS
Operating Voltage: 90~250V/45~65Hz
Phase Voltage: 90~250V/45~65Hz
Leakage Voltage: 0~99V/45~65Hz
Accuracy: ± (2.0%+2)
RCD Test: >30mA (EU/UK Plug)
RCD Working Voltage: 220V±20V
GFCI Test: >5mA (US Plug)
GFCI Working Voltage: 110V±20V
Working Environment: 0℃ ~ 40℃, 20% ~75%RH
Storage Environment: -10℃ ~ 50℃, 20% ~80%RH
Item Size: 68 * 65 * 60mm / 2.7 * 2.6 * 2.4in
Item Weight: 74g/2.6oz

Packing List:
1 * Electric Socket Tester


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